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Please explain.

This is a short blog. Why is everything a celebrity does news? Why is someone feeding a baby elephant a headline? These are people like everyone else. They have the same color of blood, they cry , they do everything a normal person does except make boatloads of money to pretend. Isn’t that what acting is, pretending to be someone else? We seem to have a wonderment about it all. What do they eat, what are they wearing, where are they going and what are they doing? Who cares? Do I give a one thought to my neighbor and what they are having for lunch or what they might be wearing when they go out? No.Think about it, would anyone ever want to be a celebrity? I certainly would not want to be a fish in a fishbowl with my every move scrutinized. Maybe instead of being enamored with these people we should feel sorry for them and mind our own business.