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Remember when we were young and as females loved to talk on the phone? I remember riding the bus home with my best friend and then walking home together. She lived across the street. As soon as I got in the door I called her. My grandmother would say, “you just left each other, why do you have to call her?” We talked constantly on the phone. These were the days when most houses had one phone and very little privacy.

Even when we got into fights we would write a note , walk across the road put it in the others mailbox and then call to say you had done that. It was ridiculous!.

Now in an age when everyone has their own phones, even small children, we don’t like to talk anymore. I personally hate to talk on the phone. Email me, face book me, or text me and I will answer immediately. If you call you will probably have to wait.What happened?

My daughter who is 13 talks on the phone to her best friend.Of course, she does not have a cell phone. I know, please don’t call the authorities, I’m just that way. My daughter who is 16 has a phone and usually texts 4000 times in a month but hardly ever talks to anyone? Is it that we are so busy now  we just don’t want to waste time with idle chit chat? I believe that is it for me. I just kind of want to know what someone wants. I don’t really want to talk for an hour. Wow, I seem anti social and my children will attest that I am anything but that. See me in person and I will talk to you all day.

Maybe it is just me, I see people talk on the phone all the time, in the car, in the store, in a restaurant, even when they should be paying attention to what they are doing.  I don’t understand what happened to me. Do you like to talk on the phone. I would love to take a poll but remember put it in writing….