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We really have not had winter. That’s ok. Really. I do not like driving in snow. It freaks me out so much that I don’t sleep at night if I have to drive the next day and snow is coming down. I think my husband thinks I am crazy. Wonder if you could get hypnotized so that you would no longer have these ridiculous fears?

The problem with this winter is rain. I am seriously tired of MUD! Trying to get to my barn is not a lot of fun.For those of you who have read my blogs before know my barn is at the bottom of the hill and I drive there. To get to the drive to the barn I have to drive across the yard. We drive in the same place so we haveĀ  kind of created a drive there. Now it is a big muddy rut. I drive around it. If you get too close and your tire goes in the rut you are stuck trying to drive in it. It sucks! I also hate the way my feet stick in the mud when I am walking into the barn.

O.K. enough complaining. I have only driven in snow once this year. (fingers crossed tightly).Hopefully, spring will be early. Then I can enjoy some sun and perhaps some rain!Image