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Addiction to electronic toys

I decided today that I could possibly become addicted to electronic toys. I have always loved my laptop.I check my facebook  account and emails every hour to see if someone has sent me a message.Remember I am the one who does not like to talk on the phone, but let someone email me, now that is different…

Now I have a phone that also allows me to check my email, facebook and weather. I Never have to be without my ability to communicate with my peeps. I am guilty of telling everyone what I am doing and where I am at just like everyone else.

Now I have a Kindle Fire that my husband got me for my birthday. Oh the love! I can use it everywhere! The first day I got it I took it I took it in the bedroom that night . My husband laughed at me and suggested I was trying to be like my son. After he went trick or treating for the first time he insisted on sleeping with his candy. I just wanted to look at it before I went to sleep.

Here is a huge problem, I am now addicted to playing games on the Kindle. It is so fast and easy to carry around that I can play constantly. Today I tried playing Angry Birds. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t stop. After every time I tried to kill the pesky pigs I would tell myself that was it I would stop, Unfortunately, since I am not good at beaning the pigs I failed over and over again.I couldn’t quit then!

I don’t know if all these electronics are good. Its handy to have all the information in the universe at your fingertips but I think it is making us antisocial.I see people everywhere texting away. Now at first you think ,”they aren’t antisocial. Texting is communicating” Yes, ut these people are usually  with another person who is now being ignored. Maybe I’m wrong. I just get annoyed when I am talking with someone and they stop paying attention to me to answer their phone or check to see who is texting and then respond to the text!

Well, better go check my words with friends game, it might be my turn.!