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Recently, as I have mentioned, my husband bought me a Kindle Fire.Of course. you can get apps with that. I decided to get the words with friends app. I thought I would play with a stranger. The first person to play with me was coming up with words I have never heard of . I honestly looked them up to see if they were really legit words. I got frustrated with this. Someone told me you can get an app that actually will come up with words with your letters! I decided that I was never going to do well with this guy so I quit and let him win.

Next a friend asked me to play. It started out ok. Then again he started coming up with words I know he didn’t know. Really? I am wondering why this is fun In real scrabble you aren’t allowed to use dictionary s to help.Why do people not looking at this as cheating? I do. I actually try to come up with my own words. Now granted they are words like “dog”, but I do my own thinking.

So if anyone out there would like to help me figure this out leave me a comment, maybe I’m looking at this wrong…Image